1000 Books before Kindergarten

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1000 Books before Kindergarten is a program that challenges you to read 1000 books with your child before he or she enters school. Studies show that reading aloud to children helps them to develop important pre-reading skills. Sharing books every day helps develop a solid reading foundation – a key to school and learning success. Plus, reading together is fun! This programs end date is your child’s entrance into Kindergarten, so there is no need to rush! Enjoy the experience! Take every chance you have to read with your child. Talk about stories, share nursery rhymes, sing songs and attend library programs. By reading just 3 stories a day, you and your child will have read over 1000 books in one year. You will also have shared many special moments along the way!

Get started by using the free 1000 Books before Kindergarten or register at the library and receive a paper reading record to keep track of the number of books read. You child receives a small incentive at each 100 milestone. At 1000 books the child receives $50 and a trophy, has his/her name on our Star Wall of Fame, has his/her picture in the Depot Dispatch, if interested.

A free app that makes keeping track of your child’s reading both easy and fun! Scan, search for, or manually add a book to your child’s Book List. Unlock achievements, goals and prizes. Manage lists for up to 5 readers in one account. Get early literacy tips each time you open the app. Spanish language version available. Download on the Apple App Store or get it on Google Play