UPDATE: A Word about Delivery…

Recent research has shown some library materials have traces of COVID-19 virus on them as long as 4 days. Since these materials are intermixed in delivery and returns we have extended our quarantine for all library materials for 96 hours. In some cases this might delay delivery us to 2 weeks.

When requesting books from another library in the Monarch System you need to be aware of the number of necessary delays in the delivery service. Most items go through a 96 hours quarantine at the service hub before being sorted and sent out for delivery. Since the items are handled at the hub when sorted we may have to quarantine them for another day or so. Due to the volume and time needed to sort we are receiving delivery 3 days a week. We do expect that this situation will be corrected over time.

If an item is on the shelf (IN) at one of our local libraries (Plymouth, Sheboygan Falls, Kohler, Mead, etc.) you may request to pick up the item there and not have to wait for delivery. If you need assistance we will be glad to help you. Thank you so much for your patience!

We will be able to request materials from libraries outside of Monarch System System beginning August 3. Again, your patience is appreciated. If we can assist you in finding the materials you are looking for either electronically or possibly in a system outside of Monarch, please let us know.